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© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #100

The short necklace is designed with an oval malachite entoure par petit gold plated shells. The centerpiece is attached to round malachites and gold plated corrugated rondelles.


The medium necklace is designed with round malachite and gold plated corrugated rondelles.




The Complete Set


STYLE #104

Necklace designed with triple chains: two gold plated chains and the middle chain is designed with citrine and rose quartz. The pedant is an oval rose quartz entoure par petit citrine and quartz.


Bracelet designed with gold plated chain, oval rose quartz, and petit citrine and quartz.




The Complete Set


Gold chain available upon request.

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© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

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© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #108

Short necklace designed with rich green onyx entoure par 24K gold brushed discs.


Style # 138

Short necklace designed with petit royal crown turquoise entourée par 24K gold brushed discs with matching bracelet




© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #109

Necklace designed with free style double chains made with curved gold plated segments connected to green onyx floral motif and petit orange carnelian. The chains are attached to an oval malachite decorated with faceted green onyx. The necklace can be worn with or without the pendant.


Bracelet designed with hand-cut green onyx.


Earrings designed with three green onyx petals.


The Complete Set


 Gold filled segment chain available upon request.

109 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

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STYLE #114

Gold plated curved chain connected with small oval flat tourmaline and faceted green onyx centered with oval tourmaline and green onyx flowers on each side connected with ultra thin golden wire.



gold filled curved chain available upon request.

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


STYLE #115

Short necklace designed with small oval rose quartz,,cluttered pearl, gold plated pews and three petals green onyx, 

attached to a large oval rose quartz with a motif of gold leaf and cultured pearl laying on the stone.

three petit petals attached to each side giving it a fresh and soft color of green onyx.  



© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

IMG_3645 2.jpeg

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #116

long necklace deisnged with Oval malachite with three gold flowers laying on the stone.

the centerpiece is attached to Gold plated chain connected to three double-sided free style oval malachites.


the chain available in gold upon request.

STYLE #117

Brooch designed with uncut emerald, four long gold plated cannulas decorated with circles of gold filled wire.



© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

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STYLE #118

Long necklace with extra large black onyx, medium malachite, and small round green quartz with gold plated pewter accents, centered with oval malachite pendant.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #119

Amethyst necklace accented with red and green natural stones.


119 (1).jpg
120 (1).png

STYLE #120

Double sided necklace designed with oval malachite on one side and oval rose quartz on the other, laid on wide gold plated frame. The centerpiece is connected to round malachite and rose quartz with gold plated pewter.


120 (2).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

120 (3).png

STYLE #121

Double Sided Necklace designed with oval carnelian on one side and oval rose quartz on the other, laid on wide gold plated frame. The centerpiece is connected to flat oval carnelians, rose quartz, green quartz, and gold plated hammered barrels.


121 (3).png
121 (2).png
121 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #122




STYLE #123




STYLE #124

The Complete Set

(Styles 121, 122, 123)



STYLE #125

Hand curved fluted Fluorite (natural fragile stone) connected with gold plated spacers intertwined with petit green floral onyx.


125 (1).jpg

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

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© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #126

Necklace designed with hand cut uneven smoked quartz, green onyx and gold filled wire.


STYLE #127

Necklace designed with large black onyx, blue jade, malachite and gold plated rondelles.


127 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


STYLE #128

Brooch designed with onyx, tourmaline, dark blue petit crystal and gold plated replica of antique English coin.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #129


Necklace designed with cultured pearl, green jade, tourmaline and gold plate accents.


129 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022



STYLE #130

Square brooch designed with rich blue/cabochon agate, cultured pearl with red crystal attached to the tip laying on gold brushed discs.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE # 131

long necklace designed with freshwater cultuered pearls and 14K gold chain.

The pendant is designed with large gold plated coin in the center two green oval agate cabochon on each side, red ruby with cultured pearl in the middle.


Made to order


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


STYLE #132

Brooch designed with hot pink ostrich feathers. In the middle are 24K gold brushed discs and green onyx appliqué by hand, intertwined with gold plated fringe.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #133

Marjan’s signature square necklace comes to perfection with this necklace which is designed with ice saletine entoure par gold plated square chain and gold brush discs with crystal in the middle. It is attached to gold plated chain.


Made to order

STYLE #134



Made to order

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© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


STYLE #135


Jade necklace accented with rose quartz connected with rose crystals and gold plated discs, about 14.5 inches long.

An easy piece to wear for any occasion.