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Sahand Collection

Sahand Collection

To order, please contact:

(773) 343-0224


*Prices do not include sales tax and shipping costs.

When ordering, please include collection and style number,

your address and contact information.

Style #507
Heavy gold plated chain, holding three sets of 22 carat gold brushed discs with onyx, carnelian and lapis in the middle to wear on the side or at the center. $130
The necklace also comes with five sets of discs with gemstones in the center  $55


STYLE #500

Rough cut square lapis all around, with a pointed lapis in the center. Can be sized to the desired length.


500 (1).png

STYLE #501

Large attractive leather braided bracelet with golden clip in front (The closure is in the back of the bracelet)


501 (1).png
502 (1).png

STYLE #502

A small unisex necklace designed with silver plate chain and a silver plate coin of a horse head hanging.



STYLE #503

Italian style chain with silver plated hammered pendant.


503 (1).png

STYLE #504

Long unisex necklace designed with golden knotted chain and gold plated hammered pendant. Can be worn short or long.


504 (1).png

STYLE #505

A fun piece for men and women and for any occasion, designed with lapis, malachite with gold plated shells accent a pointed lapis laid on gold plated piece hanging from the chain.


STYLE #506

A heavy gold plated Italian style chain to wear with the clasp in front or in the back. Great for bare neck or on casual shirt or T-shirt.


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