Sahand Collection

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STYLE #500

Rough cut square lapis all around, with a pointed lapis in the center. Can be sized to the desired length.


500 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021


© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #501

Large attractive leather braided bracelet with golden clip in front (The closure is in the back of the bracelet)


501 (1).png

STYLE #502

A small unisex necklace designed with silver plate chain and a silver plate coin of a horse head hanging.


502 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021


STYLE #503

Italian style chain with silver plated hammered pendant.


503 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #504

Long unisex necklace designed with golden knotted chain and gold plated hammered pendant. Can be worn short or long.


504 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021


STYLE #505

A fun piece for men and women and for any occasion, designed with lapis, malachite with gold plated shells accent a pointed lapis laid on gold plated piece hanging from the chain.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #506

A heavy gold plated Italian style chain to wear with the clasp in front or in the back. Great for bare neck or on casual shirt or T-shirt.



© Marjan Majd 2020-2021