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STYLE #800

Soft brown velvet choker adorned with tourmaline, aventurine, onyx, lapis, and tiger eye in the middle of gold brushed discs and gold plated fringe.


800 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


STYLE #801


A unique piece designed with gold plated segmented chain. In the center a pavé crystal leopard, holding black amethyst in its teeth, and dark purple crystal on gold plate disquettes connecting each segment.


801 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #802

An abstract double-sided necklace designed with gold plated segments. On the other side, segments are connected with gold plated discs and malachite.


802 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #803

Asymmetrical design, double chain necklace with stainless steel rainbow segments and three pastel green aventurine on each side with green quartz teardrop in the center.


803 (1).png

STYLE #804

Necklace designed with 25ft hand woven gold filled wire intertwined with gold brushed discs and multi-colored crystals in the center.



STYLE #805

Bracelet designed with golden wire and petit discs with multi-colored crystals in the center connected by a hot pink band.


804 (1).jpeg

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #833

Necklace designed with 18 ft hand woven wide gold filled wire intertwined with medium gold brushed discs holding tiger eye, Carnelian, Onyx, Sun ston,e and Amethyst  in the center..



© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

806 (1).png

STYLE #806

Heavy gold plated stainless steel chain necklace designed with pavé crystal on double-headed leopard with black onyx in the middle.


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #807

Three way brooch designed with pastel green aventurine, green onyx and red faceted agate laid on large gold brushed discs. Comes with an extension designed with different sizes of gold brushed discs, green onyx and red teardrop agate.



© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

808 (1).jpeg

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

813 (1).png

STYLE #810

Stained crystal pendant with red faceted crystal hanging on the side and green faceted crystal hanging in the center.

The pendant is attached to gold plated chain.



STYLE #811

Necklace designed with gold plated long cannula, three petals of green onyx in the middle and two pear shaped carnelian on the top with green onyx on each side all hanging from a golden chain.



STYLE #812

Matching bracelet



© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #813

Extra large chain with hand applique gold flake and rough natural green stones inside each segment.



© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #813

Extra large chain with hand applique gold flake and rough natural green stones inside each segment.



STYLE #814

Extra large golden chain extension designed to hang from waist.


815-19 (1).png

Set of three necklaces designed with stainless steel chain connected with gold plated disquettes and multi-colored crystals in the middle.


STYLE #815 Long


STYLE #816 Medium


STYLE #817 Short


STYLE #818 Set



Style #819

Set of matching

bracelets: $80



Complete Set: $255


© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

STYLE #821

Two golden gingko leaves with green, red and blue crystals hanging from gold plated chain.



© Marjan Majd 2020-2021

822 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #823

Long gold plated square bar with green and red faceted crystals, and amethyst hanging in the middle. The pendant is attached to double gold plated chain.


STYLE #822

Delicate necklace designed with faceted  green and red teardrop crystals hanging from Italian style chain, with fringe of gold plated chain.


823 (1).png

© Marjan Majd 2020-2022


© Marjan Majd 2020-2022

STYLE #829

(Bottom left) Brooch designed with onyx, tourmaline, dark blue petit crystal and gold plated replica of antique english coin



STYLE #830

(Center) Unisex brooch designed with 4 gold plated cannula and a rainbow cannula in the middle connected with a gold plated coin. There are 4 petit tourmalines on each side. (Recommended for heavy garment)


STYLE #824

(Top left) Two large and two small gold plated bars with petit tourmaline on the side and a leopard head designed with pave crystal laid on the bars holding a black Amethyst in teeth. (Can be also worn as a medium length necklace. The price includes a gold plated chain.)



STYLE #825

(Top middle) A unisex small brooch designed with a petit oval malachite attached to the side of a gold plated bar.



STYLE #826

(Top right) Four mauve natural cabochon stones laid on antique brass with 4 cultured pearls and red petit crystal in the middle with two green onyx on the side.


STYLE #827

(Bottom right) A unisex small brooch designed with red tourmaline laid on tear drop gold plated piece attached to the side of a gold plated bar.



STYLE #828

(Bottom center) A large brooch designed with a heavy long piece designed with large gold plated coin in the center and two green oval natural cabochon on each side and red tourmaline with cultures pearl in the middle. (Esquise model)


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